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The cheapest packshots in the world

Have you ever wondered how cheap packshots can be?

With the automation of some elements of the product photography, the use of high- tech photo processing and excellent equipment engineering, we have created IMATIK, a machine which has optimized costs of packshot production.

The summary of market prices shows that optimization of product photography processes in the IMATIK machine allowed to reduce the price of a packshot. The price of a photo taken with the use of semi-automated photography is several times higher than the price of one packshot captured by a fully automated device.

highly optimized traditional photography IMATIK
appx. 0,60 €* 0,10 €**
* Average price for a photo taken with the use of semi-automated photography.
** Price for a photo taken by the IMATIK device with a long-term contract.

You can make up to 40 000 photos p/m. Surprised?

Unimaginable efficiency

Product photography has never been so easy! In a short time, you can make full product session and receive files ready to be placed on the website.

With the new IMATIK technology you can save your time and increase productivity, producing up to 40 000 photos a month.

Process optimization

The traditional packshot production is usually a very laborious process.

The IMATIK device will reduce your working time to a minimum!

Compare the new IMATIK technology with a traditional photographic process.


Image consistency

Photos framed in the same manner, excellent colour reproduction and products placed always in the same position on photos is the consistency of photos taken by IMATIK.

The equipment allows you to create repetitive photos, compatible with the previously made material, for a long time after the last session.

The consistency guaranteed by IMATIK will allow you to create a uniform image of your brand, shop and products.

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Image independence

IMATIK is very simple in operation. The machine has a simple and intuitive interface that can be used even by an unqualified worker.

watch video tutorial, see how easy it is

Only the 2 m2 of floor space

With the use of IMATIK you can also save space.

By placing the entire photographic studio, including lighting, cameras and the computer in a single device with the dimensions of 1.8 m X 0.85 m, you can reduce the space required to perform product photography to approximately 2m2.


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