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The device takes and processes photos in the RAW format, which maintains the superior image quality.


Each camera in the machine is calibrated with ICC color profile, which allow to obtain a perfect level of colour reproduction.


IMATIK uses patented background removal technology, which makes the process extremely reliable.


The device uses cutting edge Violet Chip technology, the LED lighting technology, which is the closest to the natural sunlight.


Three Canon DSLR cameras mounted in the machine, allow to take pictures of the product from three different sides at once. Photos from the side, from above and from below can be taken without manually re-positioning the object during the session.


Despite it's compact size, IMATIK takes photos corresponding to a distance of 1.5 m. Unique, optical system ensures better perspective of the product being shoot.

Simple interface

With simple and intuitive interface, IMATIK can be operated by everyone.

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Auto post processing

Using IMATIK you receive image files ready to be used in your online shop, immediately. The photos taken are automatically processed by IMATIK software.

See how many processes the machine can do for you!

  1. initial photo
  2. background removal
  3. implying a colour profile
  4. auto contras
  5. auto shadows/highlights
  6. tone curve
  7. sharpening filters
  8. cutting to edge
  9. scaling
  10. adding margins
  11. exports in the desired format
  12. naming files on ftp
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Max. object size H: 60 cm W: 35 cm D: 35 cm
Cameras Canon DSLR Top view 700D Sole View 700D Side view 7D MK II
Shooting modes Single, up to 15 pre-defined views, 360° view + top + bottom
Internal image processing 14-bit RAW
Output format PNG (with transparency), JPG (custom background), unprocessed RAW + PNG mask
ICC color profile YES separate for each camera
Weight 350 kg
Auto Cropping YES single image, 360° image modes
Watermark YES in front, behind object
Auto object centering horizontal / vertical
Export resolution Custom resolution, full resolution (as shot)
Dimensions H: 195 cm W: 180 cm D: 85 cm
Productivity Up to 40 000 packshots monthly*
* Indicative only. Effective efficiency depends on object size, type of object (transparent, non-transprarent), system load, export options, no. of images, resolution of exported images and operator efficiency etc.

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