high quality images

Modern technology used in IMATIK machines will allow you to create the highest quality images.

In order to allow our customers for the formation of professional database of images for e-commerce purposes, we attach great importance to the consistency of appearance of products shown on photos with their real appearance.

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Auto post processing

By using IMATIK right after product session, you will receive files ready to use in your online shop. The photos taken will be independently processed by IMATIK.

See how many processes the machine can do for you!

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1. initial photo
2. background removal
3. implying a colour profile
4. auto contrast
5. auto shadows/highlights
6. tone curve
7. sharpening filters
8. cutting to edge
9. scaling
10. adding margins
11. exports in the desired format
12. naming files on ftp

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packshot 360°

Rotation photography is a form of presenting products in a maximally realistic manner. The 360° presentation is one of new e-commerce standards, which allows customers to interactively view products from all sides and approach them as if viewed live.

Using the highest quality 360° animation, IMATIK facilitates the viewing of products, helps to make purchasing decisions and supports the increase of conversion in your online shop.

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